Individual versus national aspirations

In this brief commentary, I reflect on what seems to have been a bane of  progress in post-colonial African countries: the tension between individual and national (state) aspirations. Here, national aspirations are seen as the vision of the elite, perhaps even narrower, the political elite, of a country about the expected future of the country. …

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Towards quality university education in Nigeria

The debate on quality higher education, particularly University education in Nigeria appears to suggest that the delivery of quality education is solely the responsibility of the federal government; and the current state of the education sector is primarily a result of poor funding. There is no doubt that the federal government should play a major …

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On President Jonathan’s book drive and HE Policy

‘Bring back the book’ Is President Jonathan’s current book distribution in any way linked to the ‘bring back the book’ initiative or part of the Federal Government’s overall educational policy? Here is why I am asking. In late 2010 the President launched the ‘bring back the book’ (BBTB) initiative, a fantastic programme underscoring the imperative …

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