Creative Writing


The sky is the limit.
Really? The sky is the limit?
Yes. The sky is the limit!
Says who?

The sky’s not the limit. Not my limit.
I believe I can fly. Far far away.
To lands far beyond. Far beyond the sky.
Far beyond the limit.
To lands yet unknown.

The economy.
The labor market.
The school system.
The teachers.
The embassies and high commissions.
They can’t stop me. Not now, not ever.
And the sky? It can’t stop me.

The sky is the limit? Well, not for me.
I know who I am, where I’m going.
You watch and see.
The whole world will stand still for the individuals who know where they’re going.
The sky cannot determine my success.
The sky is not the limit.

I shall fly high, spread my tentacles, rule the world.
I shall fly high, be the change, make a difference.

The sky is not the limit.
It’s my starting point to greater heights.
The sky is not my limit.
It’s my stepping stone to boundless possibilities.

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