The Light

You were the light of the world

Of my world, of our worlds 

To all of us who were there

You showed the way to those near and afar

Some saw the light, some saw the way and some saw what you did not show

But we all saw

You opened the door to the world

Of things present and things to come

You wrote the page so that we, your children and friends,

the generations born and yet unborn could read

And follow the path to the next and many other doors

You were the light of my world

You lit my world, one candle at a time, brightening every corner with your glowing life

You showed the way that I should go, the way to a healthy and happy life

You showed the way that I should go, to grow, and glow

You are no more here and I feel lost, sometimes

In this dark, lightless, lifeless world

But you left many shining lights

You opened the book

You opened the door

You showed the way

I will find my way, one day at a time

You left lights, no darkness will prevail

A tribute to the four wise men. Innocent Chukwuma, Lucky Suanu Abaadam, Young Luke Lot, Pa Edwin Ekine.

One thought on “The Light

  1. Charles C Okigbo

    Thanks for sharing these thoughtful verses. I have been meaning to contact you – long before Innocent’s passing – to explore some ideas on development and communication. Hopefully soon.

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