Wait for me dear sister
It’s not yet time to go
The sun is still shinning
Let’s wait for the sun to truly set
Wait for me dear sister

I called on you to be patient
To hang in there
To hold on dear sister
For the hope on the horizon
For the sun to truly set, in old age, as we had always planned

Ikoru, wait, my dear sister
Elder sister, imbra omongibo, Wait for me
A bo la saki, isote, you were gone
Iganima a yeye simem, I got preoccupied
Iganima, ibiobram
Imbra omongibo, my elder sister
A bo saki e sote, you were gone

Ibiokpom. Ibio kuroma kpom
I was truly hopeful
Ibiokpom, that all will be well, that you will be well again
And we will take this world together
A bem ye goye goye ibiba, I was sure all will be well
Kuma a bo la saki e sote, too soon, so soon, so suddenly

Iganima, a biya e so, I wanted for you to stay
Adugo ipirim minese ibiba
I was sure, a biokpo yanam
Kuma, ibisaki boa, I wish the good times came
Ani bola-a ogbo e som
Ibu ye labo, imbra, my beloved sister
Ane, gene gene dima biya, nothing will change it
Dima biya gbamaso laba
My love for you will never cease

Dein na mu, Ikoru
Farewell dear sister
Imbra omongibo
Dein na mu
Farewell, dear sister, mother, friend and confidant
Jein tomikiri emi bebe, wa eriaba

Dein na mu dear sister
Farewell, Ikoru Promise Cotterell
I, most of all, will miss you dearly.

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