Call for papers: Amnesty and sustainable development in Nigeria

The Nigerian president recently inaugurated a committee to consider the possibility of a presidential amnesty for insurgents in the northern part of the country. Considering the critical importance of the subject of amnesty for security and safety, national integration and sustainable development, a discussion forum was convened on April 23, 2013 to discuss the implications of presidential amnesty for long-term national development. The discussion provided the avenue to reflect on the application of presidential amnesty in the context of the Niger Delta and what lessons can be drawn in the evolving national discourse on possible amnesty for northern insurgents.

Participants at the forum agreed that as a follow-up, an edited collection of articles should be developed and published to provide broader perspective on the implications of amnesty for long term national development.

This call for papers solicits research papers, reflections and reviews on the application of amnesty in Nigeria. Papers must be policy focused and provide succinct solutions and recommendations in-line with any theoretical issues raised by the author(s). Papers focusing on youth development in relation to amnesty and post-crisis development are particularly encouraged.

Areas of interest:

  • Historical reflections and reviews on amnesty in Nigeria;
  • Comparative reviews and analysis in relation to other national contexts;
  • Legal perspectives;
  • Law enforcement;
  • Reflections on the implications of amnesty for long-term development;
  • Psychological and health analysis;
  • DDR literature;
  • Skills development and education in post conflict contexts.

The deadline for submitting abstracts (200 to 250 words) is May 31, 2013, while full papers (6,000 to 7, 000 words) will be expected by August 31, 2013. All papers should apply the APA referencing style.

Please email all papers and queries to [please include: Amnesty call in the subject line].

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