Call for Research Papers focused on Adolescent and Youth Development

Dear Colleague,
I am pleased to invite your participation in our youth social indicators project ‘call for papers’ and request you to kindly disseminate this letter to faculty members whose research focuses on topics related to adolescent and youth development in Nigeria. Of particular interest are papers from education, social sciences, health sciences and agricultural sciences.

The aim of the youth social indicators project is to identify, collate, analyse, re-analyse and disseminate existing youth social research in Nigeria. Papers being solicited include those related to adolescent and youth: health and wellbeing, education, economic empowerment, security and safety, and social inclusion. Ideally, the papers should be based on original research and have a clear focus on a youth population – students, rural or urban youth, youth with disabilities, etc. However, rigorously conducted review papers are also welcome.

Although we welcome papers which have been previously published (preferably between 2010 and 2012), in all cases, the papers should be those for which the author(s) still hold the copyright (in case the author does not hold the copyright, we can only publish an abstract and a link to the source of the article, provided the copyright holder agrees). We will sign a copyright agreement with all authors and in the case of a joint paper; the authors will be required to designate a correspondence author who will sign the relevant copyright agreement. All papers will undergo an extensive peer review process which may take several months and authors may be required to make rounds of corrections if their papers are considered publishable. All papers so received will be published at (to be unveiled in February 2013). Please note that no fees will be charged for the review and publication of papers.

Papers are expected to be between 4,000 and 6,000 words excluding references (using the APA referencing style). Submissions should be sent to There is no definite deadline for submission of papers, and papers will be considered on a rolling basis.

Sity Senta GR Limited is a consultancy firm which specialises in youth policy research, strategy development, educational advisory and training services. Our target clientele includes government institutions, the non-profit and for-profit private sectors, development agencies and local authorities. Our work is anchored on a social business model and our ultimate goal is to contribute to enhancing the quality of life of young people in society. If you have any questions regarding this project or submission of papers, please contact Sity Senta’s business development consultant Ms. Oluchi Okorie via

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