is a platform for sharing information on youth research, policy and practice in Nigeria. Our work includes collating, organising, analysing and disseminating youth development research and policies in a wide range of areas. We aim to conduct and disseminate high quality research on youth in Nigeria. In addition, we will publish a biannual ‘Nigeria Youth Studies’ Journal.

Young people[1] aged 10 to 29 constitute around 40 per cent of the Nigerian population. This group faces some of the most severe challenges relating to reproductive health. They are the most vulnerable to unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS – an estimated 60 per cent of all new HIV infections occur among youth aged 15 to 24). Their vulnerability is heightened by the poor state of education in the country. They are also faced with high levels of unemployment – youth unemployment currently stands at 37.7 per cent in Nigeria, and this in turn impacts on their livelihood, and consequently their successful transition to adulthood.

Worse still, effective planning of youth development programmes and related policies are impeded by the paucity of disaggregated, reliable and timely data at national and sub-national levels. More so, available data are not adequately disseminated. The situation also affects the monitoring and evaluation of youth policies, as often there is no baseline data on which to measure progress. aims to bridge this gap by providing collating and disseminating available research and providing analysis on youth development, policies and programmes in Nigeria. Our work is being conducted in cooperation with government institutions, non-profits and development partners.

Our goal is to contribute to youth well-being, through the production and dissemination of knowledge that will facilitate effective planning and policy design that will enhance their optimal functioning and development. We aim to do this by assisting programme planners, policy makers, civil society organisations, academics and the youth themselves through the production of valuable knowledge.

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